Ceramic Sculptures by Hans Decoz

P.O.Box 1686, Bisbee, AZ. 85603-2686. Cell: 520 234 0296

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Decoz at work

Artist Statement: I mostly work with half-inch slabs of Death Valley clay building 3-dimensional forms. Many of my pieces have two sides that are often very different if not polar opposites of each other. Most pieces are large, up to 5 feet tall. I am not interested in limiting myself to a certain style or range, but I do tend to work in series looking for variations and improvement.

The Tomb of the Unknown Knight.
The Tomb of the Unknow Knight. Ceramic. 2008. 92" x 13" x 5.5"
Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Decoz worked for a ceramic studio for two years and studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts for one year after which he globetrotted for a few years before coming to the USA. He considers himself mostly self-taught.

Email: hdecoz@gmail.com