Ceramic Art by Hans Decoz

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My pieces are generally between two and six feet. I use mostly Death Valley clay and Coyote glazes as well as some that I hand mix.

Mom and Dad
Soldier boy - unglazed
The Lady and The Captain - same piece, front and back (and v.v.)
Gentleman Reader - Two sides of a single piece
Tree Lady
Studio in Bisbee, with tall vases
Studio in Bisbee - 2010, or thereabouts
Studio in Bisbee, AZ
One-man show at Cochise College
My Knights series - show at Cochise
Sleeping Knight - Cochise show

About Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz is a ceramic artist, writer, numerologist, and numerology software developer. Born in Amsterdam in 1949, he now lives in Houston, TX

Taking a break

I dismantled my Bisbee studio in 2013. After a three-year hiatus writing and working on my Numerology app, I am setting up a new studio in Houston. Stay tuned.

Art is math

Art is math, and math is harmony. If you look at a piece and don't feel anything, keep walking - that applies to all art

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