Ceramic Art by Hans Decoz

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My pieces are generally between two and six feet. I use mostly Death Valley clay and Coyote glazes as well as some hand mixed. Many thanks to Cochise College Ceramic Art Department, and department head Tate Rich in particular

Mom and Dad
Soldier boy - unglazed
The Lady and The Captain - same piece, front and back (and v.v.)
Gentleman Reader - Two sides of a single piece
Tree Lady
Studio in Bisbee, with tall vases
Studio in Bisbee - 2010, or thereabouts
Studio in Bisbee, AZ
One-man show at Cochise College
My Knights series - show at Cochise
Sleeping Knight - Cochise show

About Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz is a numerologist and numerology software developer, as well as a ceramic artist. He was born in Amsterdam in 1949. He now lives in Houston, TX

Taking a break

Another project has taken all my time for the last four years. But I will be back, in one form or another. Or not. Who knows...

Art is math

Art is math, and math is harmony. If you look at a piece and don't feel anything, keep walking - that applies to all art

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